Our Story

Hi there!  We’re Marc Sexton and Steve Spain, two friends who grew up in New Hampshire and who are passionate about supporting all things local.  Back in 2010, we founded a company called Couptopia to promote locally-owned NH businesses and have spent the last 10 years promoting over 600 of them. The majority of these local merchants are restaurants, salons, family attractions, breweries, wineries, inn’s, farms, services, and many more. We always wanted to also provide visibility to, and have an impact on, producers of handcrafted NH goods, but didn’t feel we could promote them the same way we promote service-based businesses. With the reality of COVID-19 hitting home in NH, the motivation to help and promote locally-owned businesses, and help people stay connected was needed more than ever. So in early 2020, we decided to take action.

We love working with local business owners. It’s great to learn how they started, what they do, and how they do it. The truth is, we’re a couple of ‘business nerds’. We like to learn about businesses for fun. We learned of a business in another part of the country that was promoting local goods makers and felt with all of our experience we could do something similar here in NH.  The wheels were set in motion….and because most of our Couptopia merchants were service-based businesses that were temporarily closed, we suddenly had some extra time on our hands. So over a couple of months of stay-at-home orders and when our children let us have temporary work breaks, Enjoy Local was born. 

What Drives Us (our Mission)

Enjoy Local’s mission is to help you connect with those who matter most and to help support and grow our local NH community. The Granite State has always felt like a big, small town where everyone is somebody’s uncle, neighbor, or sister. Connections are vital to how we live, and Enjoy Local is excited to provide a new way for you to connect with those you care about and local NH merchants.