Van Otis Chocolates: Making Life a Little Sweeter Since 1935

Van Otis Chocolates: Making Life a Little Sweeter Since 1935

Van Otis Chocolates has been a staple in downtown Manchester for decades. Growing up in Manchester, I remember being taken to Van Otis as a kid. When it came time to pick locally-made chocolate for our first Enjoy NH box - it was pretty easy to decide. Van Otis is famous for their Swiss Fudge and they just so happened to have it melted down to a chocolate sauce that we could ship year-round. 

Here’s a short story of their origin and how they got to where they are today: 

In the fall of 1935 Evangeline Hasiotis opened a very small candy store selling a small line of chocolates in the same building as the family apartment in Manchester, NH. Evangeline's store had no official name, and no significant signage—as was typical of local ethnic neighborhood life in that era. It was known within the neighborhood simply as "the candy store." Evangeline's chocolate business thrived in the decades that followed, and in 1958 she bought property to move the store to the corner of Chestnut and Cedar Street. It was at this time Evangeline and coworkers sought an official name for the store. They came up with "Van Otis Chocolates" as a derivation of Evangeline's first and last name.

In 1959 Evangeline began development of the now famous "Van Otis Swiss Fudge." Although it is often imitated, Van Otis Swiss Fudge is never equaled. Over the years Van Otis Chocolates has gained a widespread reputation for manufacturing and selling nothing but the finest in hand-crafted premium chocolates and other fine candies. 

In 2002 Van Otis Chocolates consolidated production and fulfillment related activities in a facility located at 341 Elm Street in Manchester. This facility also houses a retail store and a 5,000 square foot candy kitchen. Van Otis Chocolates is honored to have been voted New Hampshire's Best Chocolate for sixteen consecutive years and New Hampshire's Best Candy Store. 

Van Otis chocolate products can be found in our Enjoy NH Box. Enjoy!