The Spicy Shark:  Eat the Heat

The Spicy Shark: Eat the Heat

If you enjoy hot stuff, you're in for a treat with this introduction to one of our original local partners, The Spicy Shark in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This family run hot sauce company makes Craft Hot Sauce, Wing Sauce, Sriracha, Hot Honey, and Hot Syrups and use all natural, mindfully selected ingredients that are sourced from the USA and Organic whenever possible. Their sharks are handcrafted, and never contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or pepper extracts.  The Spicy Sharks are fiercely unique, bold, and vibrant, yet flavorful and balanced.

The Spicy Shark is the creation of Founder Shark (and 'shark addict') Gabe DiSaverio.  After growing up working in the restaurant business, and then 17 years in the beer industry, Gabe was ready for a change. He figured if he could take his two biggest passions, spicy food and sharks, and turn that into a career, it would be a pretty fun life.  With some family recipes, and help from his family and friends, he took the summer of 2018 to put together the blueprints for The Spicy Shark.  The feeding frenzy began February of 2019!

The DiSaverio family is hot sauce & spicy food obsessed, and dedicated to making life better for our oceans and their sharks.  The Spicy Shark's mission is to make the best tasting and unique spicy products using the best ingredients, to help preserve and improve the lives of our oceans' sharks, and to have a lot ofs sharky fun along the way. 

For more info about The Spicy Shark, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

Interested in trying some of The Spicy Shark's hot products or sending some to a loved one?  Their 5-Alarm Megalodon Hot Sauce (wicked hot!) and Mild Smoked Maple Sriracha are options in our NH Dude Box and NH Hot & Spicy Box and they're both included in the list of NH made products that you can choose to include in our Custom NH Box.