Smokin' Tin Roof:  Intensely Flavorful

Smokin' Tin Roof: Intensely Flavorful

Smokin' Tin Roof, located in Manchester, NH, is the passion of a husband and wife duo who creates delicious gourmet hot sauces with intense flavors, using just the right amount of ghost peppers to bring together the perfect complement of heat, sweet, and savory. 

Over the years, Phil Pelletier and his wife were challenged to try the spiciest foods.   They found plenty of face-melting sauces, but never enough flavor.  So they decided to take action.  As lifelong gardeners, they decided to try growing ghost peppers and soon fell in love with the profile of the heat they provide, and they learned how to harness the heat and add it thoughtfully to their products.  Smokin' Tin Roof's gourmet hot sauces are a balance between the heat, sweet and savory flavors that worked with the foods they ate.  

Smokin' Tin Roof seeks to elevate the flavors of spicy foods with gourmet hot sauces, bringing joy to intense heat enthusiasts, hot sauce connoisseurs and foodies alike.  They are a company dedicated to making flavorful hot sauces with a kick of heat and more. You’ll try it for the heat and love it for the flavor. 

For more information about Smokin' Tin Roof, visit their website (and if you're looking for some creative ideas for their products, check out this page) or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

Smokin' Tin Roof's Bacon Stout Mustard is featured in our NH Dude Box.  It can also be included as an item in our fully customizable Custom NH Box.

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