Joy Lane Farm: Live joyfully, do great things, celebrate family

Joy Lane Farm: Live joyfully, do great things, celebrate family

Joel and Katy, the makers behind Joy Lane Farmare second generation soap-makers who live in Rollinsford, NH with their three daughters, the scallywag troupe, and love gardening, entrepreneurship, and puzzling.

They believe high quality products come from high quality, natural ingredients, that lilac candles should smell like real lilacs, and that if a product is absorbed into your skin, it shouldn’t contain parabens. They partner with local farmers for all their goat milk, because they know what it’s like to raise goats. Joy Lane Farm believes lotion should be thick, never watery, and that lip balm should moisturize, never dry out your lips. In their products, every ingredient has a purpose, absolutely no fillers.

As second generation soap-makers, they believe the integrity and beauty of what they make reflects the generations before them and the generations after, and that investing in their community, locally and globally, is part of their inheritance. When they're not making stuff, they're playing with their girls and enjoying their little town of Rollinsford.

Their FAVORITE part of being business owners is connecting with their customers, which they mostly do through the local farmers market, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow them there or on their blog. They would LOVE to hear from you in post comments! Thanks for helping them build Joy Lane Farm!

Joy Lane Farm's non-GMO, paraben-free Shea Butter Body Lotion is featured in our NH Bath & Body BoxIt can also be included as an item in our fully customizable Custom NH Box.